Dearest Reader,

It is quite alarming that you would choose to read my blog. No, it is not that my blog contains anything harmful and hateful, or foolish and worthless. Rather, it is that there are more worthwhile blogs. Nonetheless, thank you for allowing my thoughts and musings to be part of your day.

I have no grand ideas, nor do many people. For that matter, not many actions are grand either. Rather, what makes anything grand would be the recognition that everything we do matters. My posts are the product of that realization. Maybe there is value is sharing my every day thoughts and classroom work which must be done for seminary.

Of course, some posts may simply be a link to a thought provoking article written by someone wiser, funnier, or more knowledgeable than me. Or, maybe I will not post for a while. Simply stated, my posts may be few and far between, or all too often. 


With Gratitude,

a seminarian trying to grow up.