Today I was at a conference for Youth for Christ employees and volunteers. The main point of the day was that ministry is relationship. Bill Allison was the speaker for the conference, and it was fairly apparent that he was a people person who could relate to everyone. It wasn’t just a title for him, it was a lifestyle.

But being at this conference made me think of how I could apply ministry principles to this time in my life where I am not fully submersed inside of ministry like I was. How can I make it a lifestyle when reading hundreds of pages a week, a translating Greek is what I am paying thousands of dollars to have as my current lifestyle? How can I be someone in relationship?

Then, I snapped out of my nostalgia of being a yfc club director, basketball coach, and track coach. None of those relationships are over. I still have phone numbers, Facebook pages, and twitters. I can stay in touch with them. I can also drive an hour on a given saturday this month (or next) and watch the guys I use to coach dominate in a rec league.


And, there are so many people in the seminary and in the church I attend that still need someone to talk to. Or, what about the kids in the AWANA club that I am helping with? Do they not need someone to occasionally take them out to eat (with their parents’ permission) and to just chat?

There are so many ways to be in relationship with the people around me. I do not need to have some church signing a check, nor do I need to be sending out support letters and be working for a parachurch for me to be in ministry. Ministry is relationship, and that can happen anywhere.

Oh, and last night I got to watch MSU win in hockey. I may not be able to skate, and I may not be able to watch hockey on tv, but I love me some live hockey. And I love me some MSU