This prayer was stirred by the malicious arguments and breaking of fellowship that too often occurs inside or churches. Some arguments happen because of real issues, others occur over mere opinion and conjecture. This prayer is over the latter and not the former.

Omnipotent and Holy God,

You have supplied what we need.

We cannot but live in gratitude for each blessing you give.

You have given us food,



We cannot but live in gratitude.

You have given us

Your Son,

Your Spirit,

Your Scripture,

Your Salvation.

Lord, Let not our personal conviction become sin.

Let us not forget your new commandment.

By this they will know we are Christians.

By this love.

Let our gratitude extend beyond what we see and think.

Let our gratitude become evident.

Let us love those who disagree.

For when we do this,

Then will the world see your sanctifying work