Most gracious and unrivaled Creator,

How can one declare Your works?

Every word I have cannot aptly describe the wonder,

The wonder,

And awe,

And shiver,

And calm,

Which Your blessed creation stirs in my heart.

In six days you created;

On the seventh You rested.

Yet when I gaze at your creation, Your creativity never ceased.

Magnificent Author and Architect of all,

Thank you for the world You have made.

Let the life lived be one that honors You,

By loving, enjoying, and cherishing the gift of creation.

Surely Your own majesty is seen;

Surely the need for redemption is heard.

I long for,

Hope for,

Live for,

The consummation and restoration of this world.

If what we see declares Your majesty,

My heart can only sigh in expectation.

Let my praises never cease,

My awe never dull,

And my love for You ever increase

As I gaze upon the beauty of Your gift.

Surely the rising sun proclaims,

“This is the day the Lord has made.”

Sustainer of Life,

Let me rejoice and be

 glad in it.