I once described a friend of mine as “the kind of guy I would take a cross country trip with, in a golf cart.” Ever since then, that statement has developed into one of my favorite questions: if you had to take a cross country trip, in a golf cart, from NYC to LA, with one person, who would you choose?

That question has evolved and diversified over the years. There are multiple striations: same gender, opposite gender, celebrity, historical figure from American history, person from the Bible, or even the least likely person to go with you.

As I asked this question to one of my co-workers, he told me about a project to send two people around Mars together. This project is supposed to happen soon, since Mars will be nearer than usual in a few years (orbital stuff… don’t ask me, ask an astrologist). It would take approximately 502 days. My buddy said that they hope to send a married couple as the first couple to try the trip.

Do you think you could spend 502 days with anyone… in a confined space?

If you are like me, it is more amusing to think about the first baby being born in space because of this, and what kind of citizenship this child would have. Would the child grow differently in a low gravity environment? Would it be an ET?

Those questions might be easier to answer than admitting that I highly doubt I could spend 502 days with anyone. But, I doubt I will be in that situation.

For now I will just have to stick with my celebrity, cross country, golf-carting question. I think I would go with Terrell Owens, Rasheed Wallace, or Justin Timberlake. I just couldn’t last the 30 days (that is my estimate of how long it would take) with any of my celebrity crushes. Integrity and purity first, my friends.