As I study the call of Isaiah,
And read the story of David,
It is only right that I examine my life and see
That I am unworthy.
Unworthy of Your call;
Unworthy of Your anointing;
Unworthy of Your relationship.
Yet You still
 Call me,
Cleanse me,
Keep me.
So I
Accept Your call,
Praise Your Name,
And humbly follow You.
I feel as though I am lower than the rubbish of Hell
For how I have treated some.
I am unclean!
My soul yearns for intimacy!
Why do I seek relationships outside of your will?
When will I be a man of purity and integrity?
When will I mature into a man of God?
As I fall on my face, I wonder.
I wonder about You…
How can You be a God of Mercy and Grace?
Does not my broken inconsistent love
Make you want to turn your face from me?
Oh Father,
But you did!
You did turn your back upon me,
But not as I,
But as He!
As He who became sin
That I may know love!
Thank You for the Cross!
Thank You for the Empty Grave!
For now I can see Your Mercy!
Now I can see Your Splendor!
Let me rise up on wings of Eagles.
Let me soar with the power of the Spirit!
Let me cast my crowns at your feet
And cry
Holy, Holy, Holy!
The whole earth is filled with your glory!
Guide me today.
I pray in the Name of the
 Lord Jesus,