Let me take you to a time when the world was a different place: a place of peace, healthy competition and rivalry, and a place of optimistic progress. It was during this time, in a place of humble origins that a young man once had to overcome the greatest challenge he ever met. Now this is not a myth, nor is it a legend. No, this is a story of discovery, opposition, and maturation.

In order to understand this epic, it is vital to understand the locale of our young friend and hero.

Our story takes place in humble land. This land was not rugged like the land west of the Mississippi, nor was this land lush like the land that found in the land south of the Mason Dixie and East of the Mississippi. Nor did this land have the hills of the historic Northeast. This land was humble, with rolling hills and four distinguishable seasons. It was a land that few write about, but everyone dreams about.

In this humble land there is a time when all the noble young men and women come and compete in the ultimate challenge of endurance, speed, and strategy. One particular competition begins the entire season, and it is when two neighboring villages send their brightest and best to compete on the most rugged landscape this humble land has to offer. It is this specific competition where we first find our hero.

But who is this hero? What makes him our friend, and how do we know for sure that he is a noble youth ready to become a leader?

This young man is the last son in the line of the town hunter. As the last son of the town hunter, he is one that has seen and learned from his valued and respected older siblings. And as the youngest of the town hunter, he has also had the most time in this humble land. Before his clan lived in this land, they lived in a large metropolis in the land of the ever risen sun. They lived in a land of sprawling city landscape where the sun ever left each man and woman with darkened skin and brightened hair. But they had made this journey to the land north of the Mason Dixie in search for a vocation of wealth and prestige, but what they found was a land of scattered forest, exciting wildlife, and traditional archery.

But I digress.

Our intrepid young hero had made this journey north when he was a mere seven years of age, and now, ten years later, we find him to be following in the footsteps of his venerated older brother Timothy.

Now it is important to understand the legendary figure who is our hero’s older brother. Timothy was once climbing a mountain in the rugged ranges of Colorado when a series of unfortunate events took from him what was rightfully his. In a battle with the mountain, he was stripped of six of his teeth. Now no man should ever have his teeth taken from him, but this mountain tried to pull him down and take his teeth when he was in the prime of his youth. But Timothy did not allow this defeat to be major, no, for the mountain may have won that battle, but two days later the victory was Timothy’s. For two days later, Timothy stood victorious on the peak of the mountain, having climbed it after the loss of six teeth, as well as blood, sweat, and tears. Not only this, but seventy days later, during the time when villages in his land compete in their challenge of speed, endurance, and strategy, Timothy rose victorious over all the young men in his land. No mountain could take his pride.

It was on the very same course that Timothy defeated every other young man in the land that we find our ambitious young hero. Timothy was the champion of this course, and our hero, Asahel, was the seventh fastest in that same race. Now, one year later, the expectation was for Asahel to take the place of his brother as champion of this course, for Timothy had moved to the land of the scholars and sages, and there was only one challenger left from that race who was now competing in this very race.

Again, I digress.

Asahel is a young man with long limbs and broad shoulders. His eyes are like the seasons, changing colors and intensity as they reflect his surroundings and his demeanor. But more imposing than his eyes and his frame is the main which he wore like a young lion ready to lead the hunt. He was known for his shaggy main. He wore his hair down to his shoulders, with curls which told a story of mysterious strength and bold energy.  But even with his conspicuous physique, and distinguished face, he strove to be known by his actions of camaraderie, respect, and devotion to his God.

… (to be continued)



*the above picture is taken from a meet the following season