I am a fairly strong willed and determined guy, so when I do not feel in control of a situation,  I get overwhelmed. Supposedly this is a good thing for leaders, since it shows a sense of responsibility and discipline. I can see how that might work for some, but as I consider what overwhelms me, there are only three acceptable areas.

1) How wonderful God truly is.

2) How incredible it is to be saved and adopted as a child of God.

3) The need for prayer.

I took a two week intensive class in systematic theology this summer, and it was amazing. We talked about God and His revelation for four hours a day. That was about as good as it can get for me. God is perfect in all He is. He is holy, loving, just, merciful, and wise. he is also so transcendent that we will never fully comprehend Him, yet He is so imminent that we can know Him and truly experience Him. Wow…!

He is so loving and just, that He reaches down to us in our sins and says “Jesus took your sin and bore it upon His shoulders. Repent and follow Him and be saved.” And when we do that, Scriptures says we are adopted and become joint heirs with Jesus! Whaatt!! And God gives us the Holy Spirit to sanctify and purify them, as He empowers them to walk in accordance to His holy and loving plans! God is so good to us.

So, what could make me think that my worries and anxiousness for those that I minister to can do them any good. That anxiety needs to lead me to my knees and praise God for the work that He does. He works behind the scenes and openly on the stage of peoples’ lives. He deserves our praise for the transformation of someone’s life.

And because I know that He is mighty to save, I need to fall on my face in petition for those that need His working hand in their lives. I felt this burden last night for one of my friends, and I wonder why I do not constantly live in this reality: life is best lived on the knees in prayer. There are so many things outside of my influence. It is foolish to be anxious.

Wait… isn’t there something that Paul said about this?

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything through prayer and supplication let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God which passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 2:6-7)

Want to know the funny thing about all of this? When I hand over my limited abilities to God, and let His goodness and salvation overwhelm me, that is when I am able to pray with power and freedom. But not only that, but that is when I am most able to do minister and serve others most effectively. So I truly find my most power when I realize that it is not my power but His that gets me from point A to point B.