As I read bits, pieces, snippits, and excerpts  about the situation in Syria I have many questions. These questions are theological and must be wrestled through in prayer. My questions revolve around How can men (I haven’t heard about women rebels doing this) decapitate children? How can men, who are created in God’s very image, go around desecrating humanity and creating such a morbid and demonic picture? How can Paul declare that Sin and Death have been defeated when that is all that seems to run around triumphantly in Syria?

I do not have all the answers, but I do have this prayer for fellow believers to read.

Gracious and Benevolent Lord,

From the very start, You said,

“I am here.”

From the very start, You said,

 “It is good.”

Yet when we look around, we say,

“Where are you?”

As we look around, we declare,

“This is not good.”

On the final day of Creation, You said,

“Let us make man in our image.”

On the final day of Creation, You said,

“This is very good.”

But then, You declared,

“It is not good for him to be alone.”

From that moment, You declared,

“They should live together bearing my image.”

Yet not soon after that, it was asked,

“Did God really say?”

And on this day, we ask,

“Did God really make everything as good?”

On this very day, we mourn,

“Lord, we no longer see that we are good.”

On this very day, we ask,

“How long?”

“How long until we can say ‘this is very good?’”

On this day, we request,

“Your kingdom come; Your will be done.”

On this day, You declare,

“I have sent my Son; this victory will be won.”

 So on this day, we ask,

“How long, O Lord?”

“How long?”