This is a prayer inspired by the reality of how God created mankind in Genesis 1.


Utmost Holy and Majestic Lord of all,

In three days You made the realms,

And in three days You made those to rule over them.

On the sixth day You made humanity.

On the sixth day You formed man to have dominion over the earth.

Who could have made such an incredible creature?

The handiwork shows the even greater Creator.

You gave him every tool necessary for life and flourishing.

You gave him land to till and You to worship.

There is no greater joy than fellowship with You,

And during the cool of the day You walked and talked with him.

You walked and talked with him and his wife.

You blessed them with all they could ever desire.

You made man and woman to worship and commune with You.

Their delight was to delight in and with You.

How blessed their time must have been.

How blessed Your time must have been with them.

Bless us today with such blessed community with each other.

Bless us today with such intimacy with You.

May your glory be seen by the ones made in Your image.

May we worship and delight in You.