Passionate Judge,

Why did you stand for me?

What drove you to stand there

For all of humanity?

We cannot comprehend what You did.

All of our words fall short.


The Alpha and Omega,

They Way, Truth, and Life,

Entered into time,

Walked in finitude,

And subjected Yourself

To hunger, temptation, and pain.

How can we describe this mystery?

How can we describe our joy?

How can we describe our shame,

That You would stand in place of our name?

Truly You stood in our place!

In response may we walk in Your grace!

You are the only True example.

We know no other selfless love.

But You call us to more.

We confess You are Lord.

May we grow in our understanding of that

Each and every day.

And may we grow in Your likeness,

Each and every day.

For this world needs more of You.