My thoughtss from January 10: I am currently on the sixth floor of Hotel Isrotel on the Western coast of the Dead Sea. The window is slightly propped open and I can hear the music of the club situated nearby. It is the same baseline from the scene in Space Jam where the characters are introduced for the basketball game.

Don’t worry though, it isn’t the same song

Today I visited Beth Shemesh, Kiriath Jearim, Tel Azika, Bet Guvrin and Marashah.

Which means saw where the story of 1 Sam 4:1-7:1 took place, stood in practically the same area where Sampson released 300 foxes, saw the battlefield of David versus Goliath (yes… even the brook where he collected five smooth stones), and then saw the caves and underground city which were used from about BC 300- AD 700.

So far the folks on the trip have been fascinating to get to know. Imagine being in a group of 57 pastors, seminary students, and camp directors.

…Some of you just fainted out of fear…

But others of you know what I am talking about. This truly is a great group of folks that can take most questions and run with them. I have discussed many wonderful topics, and I won’t have time to tell ya’ll about them. Just trust me about how great they were.

Well, I gotta run to Shabbat dinner. This blog will most likely get posted way later then dinner though because I have to pay for wifi at this hotel.