Do you ever wonder what you will tell your grandchildren? Will you tell them about every little activity you did when you visited “the city” as a child? Or do you think you will give them every single tidbit of marriage advise you heard while you were young, starry-eyed, and engaged? Do you think people will care?
Well, I am trying to filter fall of today through the grid of “will I tell my future grandchildren?” for what I will put into the blogs for this Israel trip.
But, I do not think that is a great filter.
Why? Well, I will most likely tell too many stories and give too much technical information about pretty much every day of my life to my future grandchildren. I want to be THAT grandpa who tells stories every time they see me.

Anyhow, today I rode camels, saw the ancient city of Arad, floated in the Dead Sea, met a seminarian from Australia, chatted with biblical scholars, and wandered around in the wilderness of Zin.
In Amos 5:21 God spoke through Amos and said
“But let justice roll down like a river,
Righteousness like a never-failing stream”
In Psalm 1:3 says that the one who loves the Lord
“that person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
Which yields fruit in season
And whose leaf does not wither
Whatever they do prospers.”
Well, learning about the three kinds of streams and the three kinds of deserts helps me understand these texts a little better. Ask me about these at a later time, for now I have to go down to dinner.
Hopefully I will have internet some time to post these blogs posts.
P.S. could someone give Brittany Mae a hug for me? I wish she was here.