Israel 1-12-14

My knees ache from crawling through the tunnel up at Qumran. I will not complain about the bruising though. Getting to explore such historically rich and significant caves was fascinating! Not only did I get to satisfy the male urge to climb around in the mountains and explore a cave, but I satisfied my inner nerd by seeing the area where the Dead Sea Scrolls were located!


On top of this, getting to see the Ein Gedi beforehand was yet another enhancement to my understanding of the Psalms.

 “As the deer panteth for the waters so my soul longeth after thee!” declares Psalm 41:1.

Those Ibex loved that natural spring! It was also a vast change in terrain from the rocks of Masada or Qumran. The Bible lands are very encompassing when it comes to having various typography and water sources.

The most amazing part of the day would be Masada though. Getting to hike up the rugged (well… moreso in antiquity) Snake Path with two top scholars was invaluable.

Who wouldn’t’ want to hike around for an hour listening to an Archaeologist and an NT scholar discussing Josephus?

But seeing Masada and Qumran really helps further an understanding of the eschatological fervor of the New Testament. The Hebrews wanted a Messiah. They wanted security. They wanted hope. They wanted purity. They wanted righteousness.

But they missed Him.

All of the time seeing amazingly historical lands is vanity if I lose how it all points to Christ. I don’t mean cliché devotionalism. What I am talking about is just recognizing how many millions of people were looking for Christ over hundreds of years, yet the Lord tarried. I am talking about how dozens and dozens of men were thought to be The Teacher, or The Deliverer, yet they all fell short.

I am talking about how Jesus Christ delivered us from sin and its entanglements, but do I look for another Messiah? Do I seek a different theopolitical master?

Am I living for Christ, or just synthesizing Him into everything else?

That is all for now.


P.S. Congratulations on my fiancé for running an 8.01 in her 60m dash yesterday! I wish I could have been there to hug her afterwards. I miss you Brit!