I am currently in three classes: Hebrew Grammar, Augustine’s Pastoral Theology, and Organizational Leadership.

Boy, are the readings very different!

The Augustine class is the most nourishing and challenging material. In his Confessions he presents challenges to my ways of thinking, living, worship, and relating.

In short, I like it.

For my leadership class, I find the reading to be redundant, eisegetical, and narcissistic. Evidently leaders are the way the world goes around.

“Every action of those leaders is evaluated and related to our own emerging philosophy of life. The influence of a leader’s values extends beyond the work relationship; it speaks into the human quest for meaning in life.” Relational Leadership, 158.

I can understand why seminary is called cemetery by many. If most seminary programs take folks through new leadership books, and cut the biblical language classes (and biblical class requirements), and historical theology classes (and leave just modern systematic theology classes), then it will feel like a graveyard.

Fortunately at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary I have to take 38 credits of biblical language classes, as well as 6 credits of historical theology. These will be what gets me through the program alive!