Oh Lord, how quickly I forget your name.

You are



Mighty God,

Creator of all,

Sovereign Lord,

Yet I trade time with You for a moment of sleep.

You glory shines from dawn til dusk,

Yet I turn my gaze.

You display your endless majesty,

But I cannot stop and pray.

Forgive this wandering heart!

Each and every day is filled with blessings:

A fiance,

A job,

A car,



Yet I find myself disgruntled and fatigued.

How glorious You are!

You beckon me with unfailing love.

May I never cease to sing your praise!

Thank You that my love for You depends not on me,

But on your abundant grace,

And the power of the Holy Spirit,

And the Mind of Christ,

Which are given to me

As promised in your Word.