Every fear is rational.


We live in a fallen world with sinful people who have to take drastic measures just in order for their own survival. We also live in a world where mental, emotional, social, and physical disorders abound.


All fears are irrational.


The Creator God is alive and powerful. He is able to overcome every single problem and issue.  The Holy Spirit is hovering over the face of this earth keeping countless sins at bay and preserving life and order. Every person you encounter has been made in his image and carries at least some minutia of that into some aspect of their life. And Jesus Christ has paid the penalty for sin and is calling us to follow him as agents of shalom.

How about that for a paradox?

and in other new, the Michigan State Spartans won the Big Ten tournament in basketball, and Dirk Nowitzki moved into #12 on the all-time NBA scoring list (26462pts), passing John Havlicek (26395pts), and only needing 207 more to pass Dominique Wilkins (26668pts)