“For, when I put before my mind’s eye the intellectual beauty of Him from whose mouth nothing false proceeded, then, although my weakness reverberates in palpitation before the radiance of the truth shining ever more brightly, I am so inflamed by love of such a great beauty that I despise all human considerations that call me back from there.”

As Easter is approaching, and papers are looming, and I would rather be day dreaming about my upcoming wedding (45 days), I find Augustine’s quote to be an appropriate on to reflect upon. This quote is found in his polemical writing Contra mendacium 18.36, and it is given in the context of choosing to be honest and accept being killed for it rather than lying and dishonoring Christ and desecrating your own soul.

Too often we, as Christians, choose to place our own comforts, desires, and lusts in front of Jesus. We lie to stay out of trouble, and we acquiesce to the ways of the world rather than exemplifying Christ.

But listen to this Church Father. Jesus Christ is beckoning us to Him with his glorious honesty. See the “radiance of truth shining ever more brightly” and follow Him. He is the only Saviour and Redeemer. Through Him we are reconciled. Through Him we have peace. through Him life is understandable. Through Him we have access to the throne room of grace. Through Him there is adoption into the family of God.

And only through Him.

May God prepare our hearts, through Jesus Christ, to rightly celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus this Easter weekend.