Jesus Christ has radically changed lives for centuries. May He change my heart and be the center of my life, as He was for John Calvin.

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“The cross was accursed, not only in human opinion but by decree of God’s law [Deut. 21:23].  Hence, when Christ hanged upon the cross, he makes himself subject to the curse.  It had to happen in this way in order that the whole curse–which on account of our sins awaited us, or rather lay upon us–might be lifted from us, while it was transferred to him…  The Son of God, utterly clean of all fault, nevertheless took upon himself the shame and reproach of our iniquities, and in return clothed us with his purity…  Hence faith apprehends an acquittal in the condemnation of Christ, a blessing in his curse.”

John Calvin “Institutes of the Christian Religion” II.XVI.6

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