Brittany Green’s Last Performance

My fiance ran, jumped, and threw her way into becoming the national champion. Words can hardly describe how amazing it was to watch her perform. Everyone was getting knots in their stomachs on day two as other girls performed life-time bests in javelin, and Brit only had a season’s best throw. 

Then the 800m.

Fortunately Brittany say’s she could hear my voice during the entire race, “Stay with the pack! It is easier to run with the pack!”

Well, she stayed with the pack, and had a finishing kick that made the distance coach think about putting her on the 4×8 (just kidding, no coach is that mean to put a sprinter on the 4×8). She ran a lifetime best, but so did the girl who was her closest competition. 

But Brittany won the meet.

Not bad for her last meet as a bachelorette. 

We are getting married in three days, and she is planning on changing her last name from Green to Murray. Maybe next year Brittany Green will defend her title. I wonder how many times a girl has been a national champion under two different names. 


For those of you that do not know what a heptathlon is, or how scoring is done, then read this wikipedia article for a brief intro to the event