Many people consider the Rocky movies to be about boxing. Others who are a little more sophisticated will say that they are about a boxer. Nope. These movies are about a man who overcame what life threw at him. These movies are about a man who chooses to keep moving forward when all else is difficult. These movies are about a man who chooses to hold charitable feelings towards others rather than grudges. These movies are about empowering people to stop making excuses and to accomplish more than what others expected. Very little of these movies is boxing. There are more workout scenes than boxing. But, there is even more character development and discussion of inner battles than the boxing or the workouts. Those are just cinema methods of showing what everyone goes through. Everyone gets hit by life. Everyone has to grow. Everyone has to mature. Everyone has flaws. But, will everyone respond correctly?

I could go on and on about these movies, but my final comment on why I love them has to do with the fact that Rocky Balboa is not a man of great intellect or schooling. His geography is off and his accent is thick. I hear so many people make fun of these movies because they say Rocky is a slurred speech bum who only hits people. Well, I think that shows a great amount of pride and insecurity if all that people see is that Rocky sounds different or does not have a great vocabulary. Throughout the series he is shown to be an incredibly kind hearted man (remember how bad of an enforcer he is for the mafia in Rocky I). What does it matter if he is from the rundown part of Philly? What does it matter if he is uneducated? He has valuable things to say throughout these movies, and his devotion to his wife is incredible. If more men took notice of the actual character of Rocky Balboa instead of how he spoke, maybe more men would become men, rather than staying as boys.