Don't Stop Believing

Five thoughts about the faux outrage over bland coffee cups (you can get the gist and more about the non-event here).

  1. The Internet escalates the fervor and reach of a mob. In the old days we had to go door to door, make calls on our rotary phones, or send carrier pigeons, but now we can round up outrage with a couple clicks.
  1. Mobs do bad things. Second century Christians were often persecuted by mobs who blamed them for natural disasters. Tertullian complained, “If the Tiber reaches the walls, if the Nile does not rise to the fields, if the sky doesn’t move or the earth does, if there is famine, if there is plague, the cry is at once, ‘Christians to the lion.’ What, all of them to one lion?”
  1. Mobs are frenzied gatherings that reveal what people really think. Roman mobs easily gathered because the…

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