This morning I will be completing my final exam for seminary. I am truly enjoying studying for it.

This exam will be for a class on the Minor Prophets. To study for it I am reading Archaeology and the Old Testament by Alfred Hoerth. It is truly fascinating to read about the military advances of Shalmanesar III and the Battle of Qarqar while listening to the Imperial March on a Star Wars soundtrack. It really sets the mood.

While looking at archaeological remains I became inspired to learn paleo-Hebrew script so that when I am visiting museums I can read the actual inscriptions rather than a translation/ transliteration.


But the point of this blog is simply this. I have loved seminary. Grand Rapids Theological Seminary ( has been an amazing school. I have thrived under the tutelage of some world renown scholars. I love God and his Scriptures even more because of these past years. Seminary has not been a cemetery for me. Seminary has been a place of growth and inspiration.

I am excited for the next step. I am excited for full time pastoral ministry. I am excited to pour into a congregation. Seminary has done its best to prepare me for this. As I take this final exam I do not see it primarily as an end of a chapter, but rather the starting blocks for a new