Eric Beekman

He was a man of great love, strength, and joy
Taken much too quickly to understand.
Though much too brief, his life taught us much of what it means to be a man.
His life echoes the resounding lessons of what is important.
He showed that family, hard work, and integrity speak the most.
And there is no doubt that he loved his children:
And Kalyn.
And was very truly devoted to his wife Laurie Beekman

His roots ran deep, for such is the way of a small town man.
He loved his childhood, living in Summum
And visiting with family, and the Cripe Farm.
Few could compete with his discipline shown;
He worked his body, and even raced his sons down the road.

Now that he has passed, we will be reminded of him each time we see
Rocky, Rambo, Terminator, or any Star Wars Trilogy.
He loved to ride, and when we hear that deep deep roar
With every Harley we will miss him more.

His smile and bright eyes lit up each room,
And now, we look forward to seeing them when the Lord comes soon.