When you read that title, I bet your first response was something along the lines of: “Really?’ or “What an idiot!” or “Was this an article written in June?” or “Is this guy from California?”

If you live in Central Illinois, or in the Midwest as a farmer, or in the Southwestern states, or East Coast, or in the Caribbean, right now you are wishing for nice dry days.

But I want to remind us all: we need rain.

Rain is important, and I do not just mean that it is necessary for the growth of plants.

Rain reminds us that we are not in control.

Rain reminds us that our trust is not in our own ability, timing, power, or knowledge. All of those are good, but finite.

We can do very little to control the weather. And that is good. This does not mean that disasters are a good thing. Natural disasters: floods, landslides, hurricanes, mud slides, earthquakes, and avalanches are devastating. They all remind us that we are not as all mighty as we make ourselves out to be.

Romans 8 tells us that all of the earth is groaning with pains, longing for the time when all will be made new. Isaiah 65 and Revelation 21 promise us a new heaven and earth where there will be no more pain and suffering.

God will make all things new. That is our hope.

Rain reminds us that we are not in control. Let’s make sure that we turn our hope and trust to God, and not our own power and knowledge.