A college friend of mine recently published her Advent Calendar devotional (Check it out right here Amy Gannett) and I am incredibly impressed.

Here are some reasons why I am so impressed.

First, it takes a lot of humility and courage for her to start off a blog post and devotional admitting that patience is a virtue she she wants to grow.

Second, this devotional has incredibly depth as it slowly walks through the first chapters of Luke.

Third, this piece is beautifully done. It is a work of art.

As I read through a few days (not all, because you are supposed to work through it daily!), it reminded me of just how important patience is in our faith.

The four Sundays are Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. Patience is deeply rooted in those four virtues. When we have Hope, we can be patient. When we love, it is shown in patience. Joy is seen most frequently in times of patience, for when we have what we are waiting for, it is happiness-not joy. And Peace, well, this is a gift of God for when we ask God to give us patience instead of having anxiety. God takes away impatience and gives us his blessedly divine and transcending Peace as we trust and rely upon him.



We rarely meet.

When we do,

It is not my my means

But by the Lord.

You are a fruit,

A Holy Fruit,

A fruit of the Spirit.


You are a virtue.

When I seek you,

I lose you.

When I seek Christ,

I am given You.