For those who want to “dig deeper” into Christmas history, lore, and tradition, I offer you a few resources.

This first resource is an interview between Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s president Dr. Albert Mohler, and University of Manitoba history professor Dr. Gerry Bowler. This interview discusses Dr. Bowler’s most recent book Christmas in the Crosshairs.

This second resource is an article put forth by Biblical Archaeological Review. In this article, Dean and President of the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale and McFaddin Professor of Anglican Studies at Yale Divinity School Andrew MacGowen goes over the historical evidences for and against the currently held date for celebrating Christmas.

The third resource is a link to the History Channel’s discussion about the Christmas Tree. It is an interesting discussion to follow.

Please enjoy these links. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. There is obviously much scholarly debate about dates and origins, but as a follower of Jesus Christ, the  One Who is Truth, I never shy away from looking into various research.

In the interview between Dr. Mohler and Dr. Bowler, it is shown that there is “a war on Christmas.” The best way we can “win the war” is to live forth the life which most clearly demonstrates the veracity of our incarnate Lord and Savior.