5 years ago I wrote this. My quote at the end runs ever more truly now!


As I opened my Bible this morning for class, I found bulletin from a church service I attended in July. This church was a non-denominational church where a good friend was on the worship team. When I look at this bulletin, the only response to the service that I wrote was a response to one of the songs. I cannot even tell you the song title, but this song related to how we only can have a glimpse of heaven now, and our worship is only a foretaste of glory. More importantly, it was about having a life that was glorifying to God.

Below you will find what I wrote down after we sang this song. If you find it to be a run on sentence with pour grammar, well, forgive me, it was off the cuff.

Because we cannot satiate the need, desire, and ability to praise God with words, we…

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