Below, you will find a link to a Time article about the “worst” places in the United States to live. This is based upon the statistics in a county regarding life expectancy, employment rates, and obesity. Take some time and read the article. First, here are some thoughts now that I am in a county that is based in the bottom half.

I have wanted to do small town ministry for around a decade now. It took a mission’s conference while attending Moody Bible Institute for me to see just exactly where God was calling me in ministry. The reasons why I want to do small town ministry are simple.

  • Small towns are forgotten
  • Small towns have serious issues
  • Every soul on Earth matters (Read Luke 16)

Now that I am here, I have to tell you, it isn’t easy or simple to minister in a small town. Being 27 with a young daughter also complicates the matter. My wife and I are constantly learning what it means to be here and to love everyone here.

My desire for this town and for this community is for God to be made glorified through people coming to Him in repentance. The Good News of Jesus is foundation for human flourishing.