How glorious!
How majestic!
How mysterious is our Lord!

He deserves all glory
All honor,
All praise!

He works many wonders
Always saving,
Always Redeeming.

How compassionate!
How forgiving!
How patient is the Lord with me!

Woe is me!
For how selfish!
How unworthy!
How vainglorious I am!

From my beginning,
I lie!
I deny!
I strive!

Yet while I was a sinner,
A stranger,
An enemy,
You died for me.

To me, You declare,
A saint!
My beloved!
An heir!

In Christ,
I have been forgiven!
I have been redeemed!
I have been set free!

A new identity.
A clean heart.
An eternal birthright!

May others see,
Your grace,
Your goodness,
And You, instead of me!