I am continually amazed by those who have dexterous hands. My hands are clumsy. I have “scholar” hands. Good for one thing- typing. I do not amaze anyone by my dexterity.

My father is a dexterous man. He wouldn’t say he is. But he is a man who can make something. In fact, he makes wood arrows for a living (visit his business’ website- http://www.lostnationarchery.com/). But before he was a man of cedar, osage, red oak, and Douglas Fir he was a computer engineer.

But what has always surprised me about him was his ability to fix bicycles. Multiple times he has taken what ought to be a recycled piece of aluminum (a junk frame) that my friend rides around and makes it a functioning feat of engineering. He understands the gears, the chains, the sprockets, the spokes, and welds that cause those two wheels to either glide efficiently or clunk around.

Sometimes he uses deft and delicate twists of a small tool to “true” the spokes on a rim. Other times he might soap the inner-tube and put it under water and find a small puncture. Occasionally it is a slight adjustment to the seat which takes it from being a saddle sore machine to a comfortable ride.

Other times it is my dad literally jumping on top of a rim.

My dad knows how to fix that bicycle. He knows how to take various pieces of metal alloys, rubber, and synthetic fibers and make it into a glorious machine of either leisure or attacking hills.

But want to know something about my dad.

My dad cannot create.

My dad has spent decade upon decade fixing, find tuning, and making computers, bicycles, and bows. But never once has he created.

See, to create means to make something out of nothing.

That is something none of us can do. We can be inspired, we can be imaginative, and even creative, but never will we create.

Only God can create.

And this is something we need to know. This is important.

Often in our lives we strive so hard to re-create ourselves. We try to make ourselves better. We want to be different.

We want to be new.

But only God truly can cause new. New has to be created.

Here this verse

“Create in me a clean heart,

O God,

An renew a right spirit within me!”

Psalm 51:10

The verb “create” in this verse is only found with one subject: God. When you look through the Hebrew used in the Old Testament, barah is only found with a name for God – Yahweh or Elohim. The verbs for craft, form, chisel, work, or make, are found with multiple subjects.

But only God creates.

If you want to have a new attitude, perspective, or heart – you need to go to God. When we try to get these things by our own efforts, it is in vain. All we can do is work with what we got. And if we do not like what we have, then that means we can only use what we do not like. If all we have is broken, then how can we expect to use it to make something which is fixed?

But God can create something new. God can create something glorious.

He promises to do that.

Read Ephesians 2:1-10. It speaks about the tools and materials we have to work with without Christ. It then speaks about what God does.

He redeems.

He makes new.

My prayer is that you can see this truth and take ahold of it. It truly is freeing. It brings joy. It brings peace. It brings hope.

Because God creates joy, peace, and hope.

-Pastor Ben