My last few blogs have been way too lengthy. My apologies (to the three of you who read my blog regularly).

Psalm 5 was part of my read through the Bible in a year plan today. I would love to work through the context of this Psalm more, showing the beautiful (and classic!) Hebrew parallelism in this passage, and show how it works through the hearts of a lament and curse by the man after God’s own heart, but that would be lengthy.

Instead, let me just show a cool realization I had this morning about verse 9.

“Not a word from their mouth can be trusted

Their heart is filled with malice.

Their throat is an open grave;

With their tongues they tell lies.”

If you are familiar with the New Testament you will see that this verse is either quoted or alluded to a few times by some noted figures. Jesus himself alludes to this verse against his opponents in Luke 11:37-54.

“Woe to you (Pharisees), because you are like unmarked graves, which people walk over without knowing it.” (11:44)

Paul directly quotes this verse in Romans 3:13, piecing it together with Psalm 140:3 as well, adding “the poison of vipers is on their lips.”

Why do I bring this up?

Well, Jesus is the One who sits upon David’s throne, and that is awesome. Jesus makes this point pretty clear, and it is seen throughout the entirety of the New Testament. But, what we don’t usually talk about is that Jesus is the fulfillment of David.

A few scholars talk about Jesus being the fulfillment of Israel, and they use the book of Matthew as a source (6x it specifically says that Jesus did or said something “in order to fulfill” 1:22; 2:5; 4:14; 12:7; 21:4; 26:56). This discussion of Jesus as the fulfillment of Israel has poured into the non-scholarly realms too.

But I haven’t heard people talk about Jesus being the fulfillment of David.

David was a man after God’s own heart. He is one of the most celebrated figures in the Old Testament. But David failed miserably at the end of his kingship.

Jesus, in contrast, did not fail. Jesus, through his resurrection showed that he conquered sin and the grave- the two things that David succumbed to. David continually fled from his enemies- even during his kingship. Jesus, in contrast, was killed by his enemies who then tried to seal him into a grave. And why was he killed- because of deceitful and untrue witnesses. The mouths of his accusers were an open grave. They caused defilement of holiness, having gone against proper laws and procedures from putting a man to death under Mosaic law.

What am I trying to say? Jesus does not just continue the lineage and reign of David. Instead, He is superior. We do not have to worry about whether He will be overcome by enemies- like David. Jesus already defeated those enemies on the cross.

The reign of David ended, and all the kings after him ended as well.

But the reign of Christ is forever.

-Pastor Ben