Here are more of Spurgeon’s wit and wisdom on Psalm 84

These quotes are from 84:5 and following

  •  The blessedness of sacred worship belongs not to half-hearted, listless worshipers, but to those who throw all their energies into it. Neither prayer, nor praise, nor the hearing of the word will be pleasant or profitable to persons who have left their hearts behind them.
  • When we have God’s ways in our hearts, and our heart in his ways, we are what and where we should be, and hence we shall enjoy the divine approval.
  • We grow as we advance if heaven be our goal. If we spend our strength in God’s ways we shall find it increase.
  • Not merely to be in the assembly, but to appear before God was the object of each devout Israelite. Would to God it were the sincere desire of all who in these days mingle in our religious gatherings. Unless we realize the presence of God we have done nothing; the mere gathering together is nothing worth.