In loving memory of Hubert R. Cripe
October 26, 1920- February 20, 2018

“God steered my hand”
His hand pulled the cord,
The cord released the gas,
The gas filled the vest,
The rest is a history of God preserving his life.

He never forgot the sound-
The sound of carbon dioxide;
The air-filled preserver saved his life.

“And I breathed the sweet breath of life.”
Oh the joy of breath;
The bittersweet brutality of war!
The turning point of life.

“I’m in good shape for the shape I’m in,”
Was his ever present reply.
He never took a day for granted,
And his life was a lesson for you and I.

Father, Deacon, Uncle, Friend
He was known as each of these up to the end.
Decades of service through and through,
He was an example for me and you.

What tribute is fitting for this man?
The youngest of four,
A veteran of war,
A father of two.

What ought to be said about this man?
A pillar of his church,
A hero to his community,
A man who never wanted fame.

What must be said about this man?
His faith was stronger than steel.
His marriage more beautiful than diamonds.
His laugh was cherished by all.

Who was this man that we remember?
A farmer, a pilot, a deacon, a friend.
A Christian, a father, a husband, fisherman.
A legend, a hero, and wonderful man.

But please, to what can be said there is much more!
He was a veteran, a prisoner of war!
A man who loved to fly and soar!
A legend of those who know the B24.

Yes, known by war yet he was a man of peace;
A man who loved to fish and eat.
A man of laugher, smiles, and stories.
A man who always gave God the glory.

Hubert Cripe will always surely be missed.
Yet our eyes cannot always be filled with mist,
For Hubert Cripe is now in Heaven:
Reunited with his beloved wife Louisa,
And resting in the arms of Jesus.



-Pastor Ben

To learn about Hubert’s WW2 missions watch this video

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