If you haven’t caught on by now- I am a connector. So, I want to connect you with some FREE online resources which will hopefully make you more connected with God, with his plan, and with believers.

  1. Persecution.com: This is the home page for Voice of the Martyr’s ministry. Voice of the Martyr mission statement is that they are “dedicated to serving our persecuted family worldwide through practical and spiritual assistance and leading other members of the body of Christ into fellowship with them.” On this web page you can find links to outstanding podcasts, find materials about the persecuted church, and also find simple ways to encourage and equip Christ followers in countries which are either closed or hostile to the gospel.
  2. OpenDoorsUSA.com: Very similar to VOM, Open Doors desires to equip and encourage the persecuted church in countries which are either closed or hostile to the gospel. For the Christian who desires to know more about the global state of Christianity, this page is very informative (as well as giving you simple ways to assist the spread of the gospel!)
  3. Newsmallchurch.com: This is the website for those who are leaders in small churches. This site offers encouraging articles as well as practical insight from pastors who have served in small churches for decades.
  4. Albert Mohler’s web page: The best feature about Dr. Albert Mohler’s website is his daily “briefing“where he analyzes current world news and events from a conservative Christian perspective. He also has many thought provoking articles as well as interviews with authors. Dr. Mohler is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.
  5. The Bible Project: A great way to learn introductory items about a book of the Bible, or to go in depth regarding word studies and biblical theology. It is accessible and well enough done that it can be navigated by anyone, but also has enough depth of insight that it is used by some seminary professors in their Bible classes.
  6. Seven Minute Seminary: These videos, which are usually around seven minutes long (hence the name) are concise answers by the faculty of Asbury Theological Seminary to biblical, theological, philosophical, and current event questions. Asbury is a Wesleyan seminary and the answers will often reflect such theology.